NOTY is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create alert - success - error - warning - information - confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog. Each notification is added to a queue. (Optional)

Options & Defaults

Available options listed below.

$.noty.defaults = {
  layout: 'top',
  theme: 'defaultTheme', // or relax
  type: 'alert', // success, error, warning, information, notification
  text: '', // [string|html] can be HTML or STRING

  dismissQueue: true, // [boolean] If you want to use queue feature set this true
  force: false, // [boolean] adds notification to the beginning of queue when set to true
  maxVisible: 5, // [integer] you can set max visible notification count for dismissQueue true option,

  template: '<div class="noty_message"><span class="noty_text"></span><div class="noty_close"></div></div>',

  timeout: false, // [integer|boolean] delay for closing event in milliseconds. Set false for sticky notifications
  progressBar: false, // [boolean] - displays a progress bar

  animation: {
    open: {height: 'toggle'}, // or Animate.css class names like: 'animated bounceInLeft'
    close: {height: 'toggle'}, // or Animate.css class names like: 'animated bounceOutLeft'
    easing: 'swing',
    speed: 500 // opening & closing animation speed
  closeWith: ['click'], // ['click', 'button', 'hover', 'backdrop'] // backdrop click will close all notifications

  modal: false, // [boolean] if true adds an overlay
  killer: false, // [boolean] if true closes all notifications and shows itself

  callback: {
    onShow: function() {},
    afterShow: function() {},
    onClose: function() {},
    afterClose: function() {},
    onCloseClick: function() {},

  buttons: false // [boolean|array] an array of buttons, for creating confirmation dialogs.
Of course, you can override default values;
$.noty.defaults.theme = 'relax';